English teaching some values :Slow fashion, fashion sustentability and fair trade

We live in a world where the consumption is imperative, unfortunately. And teach our youth to slow down the waste, reuse and recycle most of things and even clothes is very important to avoid wasting. So this post is about an lesson I’ve worked with a group of students and they searched about these issues: Sustantability, Slow Fashion and Fair trade.

(Vivemos em um mundo onde o consumo é imperativo, infelizmente. E ensinar nossa juventude a diminuir o gasto, reutilizar e reciclar a maioria das coisas e até as roupas é muito importante para evitar o desperdício. Então esta postagem é sobre uma aula que trabalhei com um grupo de alunos e eles pesquisaram sobre essas questões: Sustentabilidade, Slow Fashion e Comércio Justo.)





About silribeiro

I'm an English teacher, I've been teaching since 1991. I work in a elementary school as well as high school as an English teacher. At moment I'm also working as coordinator teacher in another school. Besides this two position I'm also English tutor in a online English course.
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3 Responses to English teaching some values :Slow fashion, fashion sustentability and fair trade

  1. Vera says:

    nice blog Silvana! I loved it

  2. silribeiro says:

    Thanks a million, Vera!

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